Off-Leash Dog Walking Permit

A Bare Cove Park Off-Leash Dog Walking Permit is issued by the Hingham Town Clerk and must be obtained by the Dog Owner prior to any off-leash dog walking in Bare Cove Park (“BCP”). Issuance of an OLW Permit is subject to the Permitting Procedures and Requirements.

Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Off-Leash Permitting in Bare Cove Park (PDF 1.8MB)

Required Documentation:

  • Proof of Rabies Vaccine:
    Residents - Valid Hingham Dog License
    Non-Residents - Valid Rabies Vaccination
  • Owner's Government Issued Identification
  • Insurance Policy (Valid Homeowner's or Tenant's Policy)
  • Photo of Dog with the Dog Owner (close up and clear, portrait orientation. Must be a JPEG file type)

Sample Required Photo

Off Leash Photo Sample with Dog


Step 1 - Complete the appropriate Online Application* (only one application per dog)

Application for Hingham Residents

Application for Non Hingham Residents

Step 2 - Once you have submitted your Bare Cove permit application, please call the Town Clerk’s Office at 781-741-1410 or Email the Town Clerk's Office. The Office will verify that the information came through the system properly and will make an appointment for you to come in and pick up the permit. You will need to bring to the appointment a copy of your homeowner’s insurance, a copy of the rabies certificate for the dog, and a photo ID.

Step 3 - Pick up your permit at the Town Clerk's office at Hingham Town Hall.  You will be required to sign a printed version of the application at that time.  Please be prepared to show your Insurance Policy, State Issued Identification and Rabies Vaccine (non-residents). Note: Only the Applicant whose name is on the application and who is in the photo will be able to sign for and pick up the permit.


Questions about obtaining an Off-Leash Dog can be directed to the Town Clerks' office.  Email the Town Clerk's Office or call 781-741-1410.

When will my permit expire?

Permits are valid through the end of the current rabies certificate, insurance policy, or one-year time period,  whichever comes first.  At the end of that period, please visit the Town Clerk's office to show the updated information and to extend the date of your permit.

*For those unable to complete the application online, please contact the Town Clerk's office. 

Bare Cove Park Permitted Areas

Bare Cove Park Permitted Areas