Town Clerk

A Town Clerk must be dedicated to the community, informative, patient, cheerful and compassionate, possess the ability to listen and advise, be receptive to new ideas, and able to maintain a sense of humor while performing duties in a professional manner.

A Town Clerk is generally considered the center of local government; this office conveys a lasting impression of the community to all who enter. 

Online Payments

Certain certificates or licenses may now be purchased online through UniBank. These include Business Certificate Renewals, Dog License Renewals, Burial Permits, Death Certificates, Birth Certificates and Marriage Certificates.

2022 Town Election

Saturday, May 14, 2022
8 AM - 8 PM

Full Details including candidates, absentee voting and precinct updates are available on our Election and Voter Information page

2022 Precinct Map

Hingham Town Clerk's Office Informs Registered Voters of Updated Precinct Lists

The Hingham Town Clerk’s Office would like to inform registered voters that voting precincts have been updated effective Dec. 31, 2021.

Pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws chapter 54, section 6, the Town of Hingham has changed some voting precincts to reflect population changes as calculated by the 2020 federal census.

Due to an increase in population, the Town has added a seventh precinct. This addition prompted a redistribution of streets among the now seven precincts.

To see if your precinct has changed, click here. Once on the page, navigate to the "Layers" tab on the left and scroll down to the "Voting Precincts Effective 12/31/2021" check-box option.

Included in Precinct 7 is the Linden Ponds Community, which will have its own polling location known as Precinct 7A.

Precincts are assigned to the following polling locations:

• Precincts 1-4: Hingham High School, 17 Union St.

• Precincts 5-7: Hingham Middle School, 1103 Main St.

• Precinct 7A: Willard Square at Linden Ponds, 201 Linden Ponds Way

Voters whose polling location has changed and those assigned to new Precincts 7 or 7A will receive written notification of the change via mail. Voters whose precincts have changed but remain at the same polling location will NOT receive written notification.

Community members are also reminded of the upcoming Annual Town Election on Saturday, May 14. Anyone who registers to vote by Wednesday, May 4 will be eligible to vote in the Annual Town Election.

Additionally, residents who have not already done so are encouraged to sign up for the Town's News Flashes to receive timely election updates and other important notifications from the Town. To sign up, please click here.

2022 Annual Street Listing Census

March 7, 2022 - The 2022 Annual Street Listing Census has been sent out to all Households.  Typically, this Form is sent out in early January, but was delayed as we wanted to include the new 2022 precinct information on the form.  Due to Covid and other impediments, it took the Commonwealth longer than anticipated to update the precinct records.  With Town Meeting and our local Election around the corner, we couldn’t wait any longer to send out the annual form.

MA law requires an annual street listing of residents as of January 1 each year (M.G.L. c51 s4). These forms verify and update the name, address, age and occupation of all residents in preparation for the Annual Street List which includes all residents age 17 and over.

By responding, you:

  • Maintain your voting status as active;
  • Provide accurate records for public safety officers;
  • Have access to Proof of Residency Letters even if you are not a registered voter;
  • Provide information for selection of Jurors; and
  • Ensure an accurate count of residents for the purposes of determining municipal and school services

Responding Does Not Register you to Vote.

If you do not receive a 2022 Street Listing Census, please Download the Street Listing Census (PDF) from our website and either mail it to the Town Clerk Office or place it in the drop box at the end of the Town Hall driveway.

Please stay tuned for alerts on the updated precinct information which we hope is finalized in the next month. Consider joining the Town’s News Flash for important updates by choosing *Hingham General News and Announcements* in the Notify Me options. 

If you have any questions, please call the Town Clerk Office at (781) 741-1410 or email us at  We thank you in advance for your prompt response!

Town Of Hingham Census

The Town of Hingham mails an Annual Street Listing (Census Questionnaire) every January. It is important that you promptly review your form, make changes as needed, sign and return it to our office even if all the information is correct. Each form is bar-coded so that it can be scanned into the statewide network.

It is essential that we know who is currently living in each household in order to have the correct count for voting purposes. Every 10 years the Federal census is taken to redistrict the Town based on voter population.

The Annual Street List Of Residents is published in late spring and is available in the Clerk's office for a fee of $15.