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  1. Climate Action Planning Committee Contact Us
  2. Upload Your Hingham Photos
  1. Contact Us
  2. Website Feedback Form

    Submit comments or questions on the content contained within the Town of Hingham website.


  1. Route 3A Corridor Improvement Project Questions & Comments

    Questions, Concerns & Comments on the Improvements on Route 3A / Summer Street / Rockland Street.

Fire Department

  1. File of Life Request
  1. Residential Smoke Detector Inspection Request

    Request form to schedule a residential smoke detector inspection

Retirement Board

  1. Request for a Retirement Estimate

    Member request for a retirement estimate

Select Board

  1. Bandstand Application

    Application to use the Bandstand at the Hingham Bathing Beach. Fee: Non-Residents - $50 (non-refundable), Residents - No Charge

  2. COVID Testing Center Feedback
  3. Temporary Sign Permit
  1. Block Party Application
  2. Talent Bank Application

    Application to volunteer for a Committee

Water Company

  1. Weir River Water System Feedback Form

    Your questions or comments will be directed to the Weir River Water System Citizen Advisory Board