Comprehensive Trails Plan

About the Plan
Did you know that Hingham currently offers recreational opportunities in over 1,000 acres of open space? That open space contains many trails used by hikers, bikers, bird watchers, dog walkers, hunters and horseback riders. A Comprehensive Trails Plan will help Town Officials and interested groups work together to manage and improve our trails system.

Plan Details
The Town of Hingham's 2009-2016 Open Space and Recreation Plan and the Town's Master Plan (Updated 2014) both reference the need for a comprehensive, town-wide trail assessment. This trail plan will not only provide Hingham residents with trail locations and maps of publicly accessible land, but would also provide the Town with the necessary information to plan future property acquisition for trail connectivity, trail development and maintenance and natural resource protection.

Funding & Bidder
The 2014 Town Meeting approved $50,000 in Community Preservation Act funds to support this project. After issuing a Request for Proposals and reviewing 9 responses, the Comprehensive Trails Plan Committee selected BSC Group, Inc. as the group to assist with the task.
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Bouve Trail Walk
Hingham's consultant, Alexandra Echandi from the BSC Group led the Bouve Trail Walk at the Bouve Conservation Land to showcase our trails data collection process. This is the way we are capturing information about existing trails and will give us the tools we need to maintain and improve trails over time.