Bare Cove Park Regulations

Regulations of Activity in Bare Cove Park
Published for posting on Tuesday, November 18, 2008
No Motor Vehicles
No person, except as authorized by the Bare Cove Park Committee ("BCPComm"), shall operate a motor driven vehicle in or through any way or area within Bare Cove Park, not previously designated for such use by the BCP Committee; or park, leave or allow any motor driven vehicle to be parked or left in any said area except on roadways previously designated for such use by the BCPComm. Any vehicle found in violation of any provisions of this subsection may be moved by or under the direction of a Hingham Police Officer, at the expense of the owner.

No Open Fires
No person shall have or start any open fire in Bare Cove Park without first obtaining permission from the BCPComm and the Hingham Fire Department. Any person who has or starts an open fire, with or without permission as provided herein, and any person making use of such fire is required to extinguish said fire or fires completely before leaving the Park.

Regulations of Activity in Bare Cove Park
No person shall camp within Bare Cove Park at any time except as authorized by the BCPComm.

No Swimming
No swimming is allowed off the shore of Bare Cove Park except as authorized by the BCPComm.

No Hunting / Trapping
No person shall hunt, use bow and arrows or employ steel jaw leg hold traps, or any similar device in Bare Cove Park. There is a $100 fine for each violation.

No Disturbance of Plants / Wildlife
No person shall remove, cut, break, scratch, mark or in any way injure or deface plants and trees in Bare Cove Park. No person shall at any time set, lay, prepare or have in his or her possession, any trap, snare, artificial light, net, bird line, ferret, or any contrivance used for the purpose of catching, taking or killing any bird or wild creature while in Bare Cove Park.

No Discharge of Firearms / Projectiles
No person shall discharge firearms, whether such propels a projectile or not, or use any device that discharges any projectile, including but not limited to paint-balls.

No Metal Detectors
For safety reasons, no person shall use metal detectors in Bare Cove Park -- formerly known as the Hingham Naval Ammunition Depot -- at any time, nor remove anything archaeologically or geologically significant without permission of the BCPComm.

No Water Skiing, or Jet Ski / Surf Jet Use On the Back River
No person shall operate a boat in the Hingham waters of The Back River Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) while towing water skiers, aquaplanes or similar devices. Also, the operation of personal watercraft is prohibited in Hingham's waters of the Back River. The term "personal watercraft" includes but is not limited to Jet Ski, Surf Jet and other such small vessels that use a water-jet pump as the primary source of motive power and are designed to be operated by persons sitting, standing or kneeling on the vessel. The Back River ACEC is defined as the Hingham waters of The Back River located South of the Route 3A bridge.

No Admittance From Dusk to Dawn
Bare Cove Park is open daily from Dawn to Dusk. Admission is free to all. All areas of the Park under jurisdiction of the BCPComm shall be closed nightly between Dusk and Dawn. No person or persons shall be permitted to enter the Park between these hours except as authorized by the BCPComm.

Fines for Violation
Unless otherwise noted, whoever violates any of the regulations shall forfeit $25 for each offense.