How do roads get selected for construction?
Each road in the Town has been quantified and cataloged. It’s quantification includes the (1) condition of the road; (2) existing underground utilities condition(s)/age of mains and leaks; (3) Public Service (how many people will benefit from the investment; (4) Synergy in work (target neighborhoods or areas for construction in lieu of fragmenting work segments) (5) Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Consideration (Repair Roads Before they require costly full reconstruction by implementing a lower cost maintenance construction approach); (6) And “COST” (each year a limited combination of state and local funds are made available for road related work, this funding is fluid and is subject to change from year to year). Our five year plan is available on the Town website.

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1. Can the Engineering Department locate my property line?
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4. Where do I report potholes or road damage?
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6. How do roads get selected for construction?
7. What does 5-year moratorium mean?
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