Can I schedule payments?
Yes. You can set up a future payment at any time prior to the bill due date.

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1. What forms of payment can I use?
2. Can I still send in a paper check?
3. What is a service or convenience fee?
4. If I don't have email, can I still process an electronic payment?
5. Which bills can I pay online?
6. What are the costs for paying online?
7. May I pay my tax bill by credit card at the Treasurer's Office?
8. How should I enter my credit card information?
9. How will know that my payment has been accepted?
10. Can I use more than one payment method per transaction?
11. When paying by ACH transfer (electronic check), how does my payment appear on my bank statement?
12. How long does it take for a credit card transaction to process if I pay online?
13. How long does it take for an EFT (electronic funds transfer) transaction to process if I pay online?
14. Do I need to notify my bank or change bank accounts?
15. What information do I need to make a payment?
16. When can I pay?
17. Can I use a credit card to pay my bill(s)?
18. Can I use a debit card to pay my bill(s)?
19. Can I tell if my payment has been posted?
20. Will I have online access to my account?
21. How long will my payment history be maintained?
22. Will I be able to print a copy of my bill?
23. How do I change my account information?
24. What is Auto-Pay?
25. Can I cancel Auto-Pay?
26. What are scheduled payments?
27. Can I schedule payments?
28. Can I change a scheduled payment?