MBTA Proposed Service Cuts

Ferry Schedules Resume

April 27, 2021 - The new schedules for MBTA ferry services will include the resumption of direct service from Charlestown and Hingham as well as the resumption of weekend Hingham/Hull ferry service. For the full spring 2021 ferry schedule effective May 22, please visit mbta.com/ferry.

Building Back Ferry Service

Ferry schedule changes that included the temporary suspension of direct Charlestown and Hingham ferry service as well as weekend Hingham/Hull service took effect in January 2021 and were aimed at aligning ferry service with lower ridership levels experienced during the pandemic. 

With the goal of creating a better system than before the pandemic that reflects changing travel behaviors and ridership needs, the MBTA is now building back to pre-pandemic service levels by resuming these ferry services. The upcoming spring 2021 weekday schedule is an increase of 106 additional trips when compared to the current ferry schedule, delivering approximately 80% of pre-pandemic weekday service levels. The weekend schedule reflects 68% of pre-pandemic service.

Schedule Information

On May 22, 2021, the following changes will occur to ferry service:

  • Full weekday and weekend Charlestown Ferry service will resume with 78 weekday and 34 weekend trips. 
  • Weekday service between Hingham and Rowes Wharf in Boston will resume with 14 inbound trips to Boston beginning at 6 AM and ending at 7:40 PM and 11 outbound trips to Hingham beginning at 7:15 AM and ending at 7:30 PM.
  • Service between Hingham, Hull, and Long Wharf will continue with the addition of limited weekday service to Logan Airport resuming, including two inbound trips to Long Wharf in Boston at 12:45 PM and 5:45 PM and two outbound trips from Long Wharf to Logan at 6:40 AM and 7:40 AM.
  • Weekend service between Hingham, Hull, Logan Airport, and Long Wharf will resume. Ten inbound trips will depart Hingham for Long Wharf beginning at 8 AM and ending at 5 PM with five trips stopping at Hull and three trips stopping at Logan Airport. Ten outbound trips will depart Long Wharf for Hingham beginning at 9 AM and ending at 6 PM with one trip stopping at Logan Airport and four trips stopping at Hull.

Response from the Select Board 

On October 29, the Select Board sent the following letter opposing the proposed service cuts to the MassDOT Secretary, FMCB Chairman, and MBTA General Manager.  Please take a moment to read and share it. 

Letter from the Board of Selectmen to the MBTA dated October 29, 2020 (PDF)

Take Action to Save the Ferry and Greenbush!

The Select Board continue to advocate for the preservation of ferry and commuter rail services on the South Shore in partnership with other local, regional, and state legislators.  Town leaders are teaming up with Hull, Scituate, and Cohasset to oppose cuts, speaking out and sending letters to the MBTA and other state officials, and participating in various MBTA meetings to express strong opposition and concerns.  

Once again, we need your help.  Below are several ways to take action to make your voice heard:

Thursday, November 19th is an important day to take action and Save the Ferry.

  1. The Save the Greenbush / Save the Boat campaign is organizing Ride the Ferry Day tomorrow morning. Ride the 7:30am boat from Hull or 7:45am boat from Hingham.  Take photos and videos.  Share on your social media.  Use the hashtags #savetheferry #savetheboat.  Wear a mask!  Email any questions and photos to info@savethegreenbushsavetheboat.com.
  2. The First MBTA Systemwide Public Meeting on Transit Cuts is November 19th at 6pm. Register to attend if you are able. Submit a public comment by email ahead of time (some good templates can be found here). Even if you've commented at a prior meeting, comment again. Tell the MBTA why the ferry is essential to you.
  3. The Public Transit Public Good Coalition is organizing a Stop MBTA Cuts Rally on Thursday November 19th at 10am at the State Transportation Building.  Join by car, bike or by foot.  Voice your support for all MBTA services.  And, of course, wear a mask.

 In addition, please attend the MBTA’s meeting focused on the South Shore on Monday, November 23 from 6-8pm to express concerns about cuts to the Ferry and Greenbush Commuter Rail: 

Meeting: Forging Ahead Virtual Public Meeting: South Shore (Region 6)
Date: Monday, November 23, 2020
Time: 6 PM - 8 PM
Registration: Register here

Thank you for supporting vital public transportation services in Hingham and the South Shore!

Take Action!

The MBTA’s Fiscal Management Control Board (FMCB) recently announced potential service reductions or terminations for the Hingham/Hull Ferry as well as the Greenbush Commuter Rail.  These potential changes pose a serious risk to the economic vitality of our community, threaten transit-oriented developments like the Hingham Shipyard, and would negatively impact Hingham residents and businesses as well as neighboring towns. 

The FMCB is scheduled to meet virtually to vote on the service cuts on Monday, December 7, 2020.  The Select Board and Town Administrator are working with state and local officials to oppose the proposed service cuts.  We need your help.  There are several ways you can take action:

  1. Submit comments ahead of each FMCB meeting. You can find out about upcoming FMCB meetings here and can submit comments in three ways:

    • Written comment via email to publiccomment@dot.state.ma.us or mailed to the address listed in the FMCB agenda.
    • Voice message comments may be submitted by calling 857-368-1655 and leaving a brief message by 10:00am on the Monday of the meeting.  No more than 3 minutes.
    • Real-time comments may be made through telephone conference call; please email publiccomment@dot.state.ma.us by 10:00am on the Monday of the meeting to sign up.  No more than 3 minutes.
  2. Submit feedback to the MBTA’s Forging Ahead scenario planhere.  You can also participate in upcoming virtual public meetings, including an Official Public Hearing, to provide input and ask questions of MBTA officials.  Meeting details are available at mbta.com/ForgingAhead.

  3. Share why you value the Hingham/Hull Ferry and the Greenbush Commuter Rail by emailing the MBTA General Manager at publiccomment@dot.state.ma.us and the Secretary of Transportation and the Governor at Constituent.services@state.ma.us.  Please feel free to copy Sen. Patrick O’Connor (Patrick.O’Connor@MASenate.gov), Rep. Joan Meschino (Joan.Meschino@MAHouse.gov), and Rep. James Murphy (James.Murphy@mahouse.gov) on this correspondence.

  4. Sign the Ferry petition started by the Town of Hull to support Ferry service.  Find out more at www.savetheferry.org.

Thank you for helping protect our vital public transportation services on the South Shore.