Town Administrator

Town Administrator Responsibilities

The Town Administrator serves as the Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Hingham.  Appointed by the Select Board, the Town Administrator manages the day-to-day operations of the Town and implements policy decisions made by the Select Board.  The Town Administrator's responsibilities include:

  • Managing approximately 300 non-school employees, including 6 municipal unions, across 24 municipal departments in 8 buildings
  • Supporting approximately 400 local elected and appointed officials across over 60 boards and committees
  • Developing the annual budget for non-school departments
  • Coordinating major infrastructure projects and improvements across town
  • Preparing Town Meeting warrants and Annual Town Reports
  • Managing municipal property under the jurisdiction of the Select Board
  • Overseeing procurement, citizen inquiries, and public records requests
  • Managing licensing process and requests
  • Liaising with federal, state, and local officials
  • Coordinating legal activities 
  • Supporting 50+ Select Board meetings annually

Town Administrator Special Act

In 2016, the Town advanced and State Legislature passed a special act to further define the authority and responsibilities of Hingham's Town Administrator.  Please see Chapter 263 of the Acts of 2016: An Act Relative to the Town Administrator in the Town of Hingham for more information.